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4M's Vision is to lead you to greater excellence, impact, and sustainability.

Danielle Smith, BA, MPA, is the Founder & Senior Consultant of 4M Consulting Solutions. 4M's home base is in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Danielle is a business coach, consultant, and trainer with a passion for leadership development and collaborative management. 4M focuses on what we call "Operational E3"--Operational Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Excellence. She is a fan of entrepreneurship, and takes pride in building and developing people. 4M helps take companies to the next level, tailoring creative solutions based on their individual needs. 4M specializes in Customer Care Training, Business Startup, Business Development, Process Improvement, Change Management and Sustainability, and Leadership Development.

4M values the importance of building people--both individually as well as corporately. Plan for success today! Schedule your free consultation now!

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Danielle Smith, BA, MPA

  • #entrepreneurship

  • #education

  • #innovation

  • #success

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